Natural Bodybuilding Source is an online coaching service for ANYONE!nationals-dan-grefford-2016-2

It is for men and women who pride themselves on being healthy and getting into their best physical condition.

Natural Bodybuilding Source has information on everything you need to know to achieve your goal, and sustain your goal, long term.

All content is created by Dan Grefford, who is a natural bodybuilder with tremendous experience in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding industry. Having competed in 14 competitions including representing Canada internationally in the IFBB Classic (Olympic) Bodybuilding category – he is one of the top natural bodybuilders in the world!

He prides himself on helping others and being a great advocate of the sport of natural bodybuilding.

In addition, Dan Grefford is a Canadian Fitness Professional certified Personal Trainer Specialist, since 2006. He has completed and continues to complete CEC’s (continuing education credits) every year to ensure he stays up to date, and consults with many top level coaches and resources in the industry to ensure the best possible coaching for his clients.


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