Jessie from Competition - 1st place

“Taking first place in Open Bikini Model category! I need to shout out a huge thanks to someone who has shown me there IS a healthy way to diet, and train, and have the satisfaction with food throughout your entire prep… YES you can eat FRUIT! Flexible dieting has a bad rep, but it is your choice to pick the nutrient dense food! Best prep I have had so far, and cannot wait to maintain this lifestyle! Flexible dieting for the win! Thank you Dan!”

Jessie Stearns

Hayden Reinish Transformation

“In the beginning of my competition prep, roughly 12 weeks out, I was unsure if I could actually handle the pressure and even have the knowledge to get to my goal of competing in my first Men’s Physique competition. After talking to Dan Grefford and hiring him as my coach, in just the first week I noticed an improvement in my body fat percent and the structure of my workouts. It was a huge plus being able to eat the foods I enjoy most and still be losing the weight. With his flexible dieting, minimal cardio, and having someone push me that extra mile, I found the process to be a breeze. He is the true NATURAL BODYBUILDING SOURCE. Now it’s time to move onto my next goal, lets get started Dan!”

Hayden Reinisch

Marvin Williams 12 Week Transformation

“Take advantage of what you have, look at some old photos of past generations cause you never know whats laying underneath! It’s up to you to let it out! Commitment, hard work and consistency, will get you the results… not just physically but mentally! Dan is the best trainer!”

Marvin Williams


Robert Yeomans 12 Week Transformation

“It’s awesome to have a coach who’s also a competitor! Great motivation and very knowledgeable in training!”

Robert Yemans


Val Fazio Transformation BeforeVal Fazio 12 Week Transformation After
“As a fitness competitor, I am used to watching my weight fluctuate between seasons. Following an off season full of injuries, I found myself at the heaviest weight I had been in years. I needed an opportunity to concentrate on myself and get my training back on track (nutrition included). This 12 week challenge gave me a chance to regain my confidence and put myself back on track. As a fellow competitor, Dan was able to fill in some of the blanks I was missing in my training as well as diet. Additionally his continued support and encouragement made sure I completed the challenge to the best of my ability.”

Valeria Fazio


Jeff Maeck 12 Week Transformation

“Dan is both a motivating and inspiring coach. His encouragement and attention to my needs and goals were precise. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone looking to take their training and nutrition to a whole new level!”

Jeff Maeck


Beata Nita - Transformation

Beata’s goal has always been to have a flat midsection. At 40 years old, she finally reached out for coaching. During this transformation, Beata was open minded to the process and worked hard to see her goal come to fruition!

Beata Nita


Mark Devlin Before

“I started with Dan to learn about nutrition and how to increase lean muscle and stay healthy while doing it. Dan put a lot of work into the nutrition framework and he showed me what it takes to achieve my goal. In a two month period I’ve went up in size and strength while keeping it lean. Thanks Dan!”

Mark Devlin





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